New city bus schedule begins today

bus_sign_at_bus_stopIn addition to increasing bus fares as of January 2, 2015, the city’s new transit schedule will take hold today, January 5, 2015. These changes aim to meet demand for more late bus runs. These new runs include passage from Kings Place to the Regent Mall, Corbett Centre, Brookside Mall, and Barkers Point.

To compensate for the added late-night runs of Routes 11, 13, 12, and 14, several routes with low ridership have been changed in order to avoid impacting the budget. Routes 13 and 17 will stop their morning runs at 9:45 am, no longer continuing to 10:45 am. The Route 13 bus will now start its run at 4:45 pm rather than 3:45 pm.

The new schedule comes after rate changes effective January 2, which saw an increase in single cash fares from $2.50 to $2.75, adult monthly passes from $70 to $80 and student monthly passes from $45 to $55.

Slight timing changes will also be made to select other routes in the city. For more information on fares and schedules, visit the City website at, email or call 460-2203.

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