Two Records Broken at Indoor Rowing Championships

2016MiddleSchoolExperienced and novice athletes alike took part in the Fredericton Indoor and Middle School Championships that were held at the Fredericton Multicultural Centre on Sunday, May 1st. In the middle school competition, Tom Wielemaker of Bliss Carman broke two records, one in the grade 6 (500M)  boys competition and the other as part of a combined team in the 10 minute challenge.

Twenty eight grade six to grade eight athletes competed in individual events, team relays and parent/ athlete competitions. The competing schools included Bliss Carman, Devon, Ecole Ste. Anne, Gagetown, George Street, Keswick Ridge and Keswick Valley.

Local Fredericton Rowing Club members competed in the indoor championships held earlier in the day. FRC’s Jessica Chouinard finished first overall with a time of 7:14 in the 2K event.

The following are results from the middle school competition:

(Listed First, Second, Third Placements)

Grade 6 (500m)


Sage Whittaker                                 Gagetown          2:26.3
Amy Gosman                                    Gagetown          2:32.4
Victoria Dow                                     Gagetown          2:48.9


Tom Wielemaker                             Bliss                    1:51.9 (New Record)
Tanner Shaw                                    Keswick Valley  1:58.2
Gavin Palmer                                   Keswick Valley  2:02.2

Grade 7 (750m)


Mackenzie Vandertoorn                   George               3:03.8
Mallory Kelly                                      George                3:12.6
Autumn Lagacy                                 Keswick Valley   3:23.0


Damian Kellor                                   Keswick Valley   2:56.9
Kyle Ireland-Hotchkiss                    George                 3:07.0
Cecil Williams                                    Keswick Valley   3:08.6

Grade 8 (1000m)


Benas Groza                                     George                   3:48.6
Pascal Morimanno                          Ecole Ste. Anne   3:59.6
Benjamin Edmonston                    Keswick Valley    4:28.6

Doubles Mixed Grades/Schools  (500m)

Benas Groza                                      George                   1:58.0
Pascal Morimanno                           Ecole Ste. Anne

Gavin Palmer                                     Keswick Valley    2:01.0
Tanner Shaw                                      Keswick Valley

Kyle Ireland-Hotchkiss                   George                   2:07.5
Dan Wielemaker                               George

Parent and Child (500m)

Morgan Killingbeck GSMS and Dwayne                                 1:52.5
Gavin Palmer KV and Kevin                                           1:57.8
Pascal Marimanno ESA and Claudia                            1:57.9

10 Minute School Challenge

(Teams erg for 10 minutes to achieve distance)

First: Combined – Bliss Carman, Ecole Ste. Anne, George                              2,535 m (New Record)
Tom Wielemaker BCMS, Pascal Marimanno ESA, Benas Groza GSMS, Mackenzie Vandertoorn GSMS

Second: Keswick Valley                 2,301m
Cecil Williams, Autumn Lagacy, Logan Timermanis, Damian Kellor

Third: Devon, George                    2,244m
Ella Wells DMS, Rebecca Aube GSMS, Mallory Kelly GSMS, Morgan Killingbeck GSMS, Malcolm Black GSMS

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